What Clients Say About Baerg's HVAC Services

I just wanted to thank you for the thorough work you did when you designed the HVAC system for my new home. I was very impressed with your willingness to go the distance and contact my suppliers to obtain heat coil design specs in order to ensure proper duct sizing was maintained. I believe that proper ventilation is very important if you want a healthy and efficient home...your attention to detail reassures me that we are building our new home the right way.

I know I had a lot of questions and I appreciate your patience in explaining to me "why" things were laid out the way they were.

Lastly, the sheet metal company was full of compliments when I handed them a comprehensive materials list! They found it easy to understand and it made their job a lot easier.

I would have no problem recommending you (and I have) to anyone who wishes to improve their existing or new HVAC design.

Daniel Goudreault, Century 21, New Liskard, Ontario

Baerg's Home Performance Solutions specializes in the design of residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for custom homes, production homes, renovations and additions.

When Baerg's Home Performance Solutions (BHPS) designs the HVAC system for your project, you get an HRAI certified designer with 20 years experience specializing in building science, energy auditing, building retrofits, and home inspection. This means that your project will be designed with a solid understanding of how the house works as a system; heat loss and heat gain calculations will be done with the highest degree of accuracy and you get the satisfaction of providing your client with optimal comfort and air quality.

With a full air system design, BHPS will provide:

View some sample drawings to see for yourself.